Acne and Scar Revision

Acne forms when pores or hair follicles become clogged with oil, dirty or dead skin. It appears on the face, back, chest, neck and shoulders. While acne is commonly associated with teenagers, this skin condition can strike at any age. Acne scars appear after the swelling and this can cause lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Avignon Clinic has developed an end to end program to manage acne and scars.

Acne Clinical Facials Peels and Masks
Acne Laser Treatment LED Therapy
Scar Revision Laser Dermal Fillers

V-shaped Feature

Facial contouring is finding the right balance of your facial features. The top, middle and bottom parts of the face should be proportioned expertly and medically. The double chin also needs to go away. For most women, V shaped or heart shaped face is desirable. For men, we accentuate the square jaw line. Enhancing the appearance without incision with minimal risks is what we do at Avignon Clinic.

Thermage FLX Dermal Fillers
Mesobiolift Skin Reset Threadlift
Botulinum Toxin Mesolipo Therapy

Skin Renew

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and can begin to look tired. Environmental condition, stress and unhealthy lifestyle eventually takes a toll on our skin. We are faced with wrinkles, enlarged pores, dehydrated flaky skin, dull and dark skin, turkey neck and pigmentation in different areas start to kick in. Avignon Clinic has a complete armada of treatments to help you combat these premature signs of aging. We won’t let go of your beauty.

Brightening Lasers Dermal Fillers
Laser for Pores and Lines Threadlift
Botulinum Toxin Cosmelan Peel

Fresh Eyes

As you age, the muscles and tissue structures that support your eyelids gradually weaken. Saggy skin, in combination with an accumulation of fluid in the area, can make the under-eye area appear swollen or puffy. Having puffy eyes, droopy and dark eye circles can affect your image and self- confidence, making you look tired and worn out.

Thermage FLX for Eyes Dermal Fillers
Mesobiolift Skin Reset for Eyes Panda Eye Laser
Botulinum Toxin

Other Programs

We strive to offer you a wide range of treatments to help attract your success. Avignon Clinic is you Ally in maximizing your potential by giving you that extra boost of confidence. We constantly expand our services and keep you updated with the latest advancements on skin care both here and overseas.

Sclerotherapy Hyperhidrosis
Stretchmarks Management Tattoo Removal
Weight-loss Intervention Photo Therapy

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