It's not always about boosting vitamins, it's more about seeking the delicate balance of what the body needs. By identifying the deficiencies, looking at manifestations and performing simple tests, our IV Infusions, Push & Boost Shots will help your body thrive.


Ageless Platinum

Get the ultimate beauty boost from inside out with this perfect blend of glutathione, placenta, collagen, Vitamin C and B-complex. Try our most popular and most complete Avignon Ageless Platinum Infusion – the Anti-aging IV Therapy.

Radiate beauty from within, delay the signs of premature aging and stay invincible.

Executive Defense

Give your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and active. This infusion is a cold and flu buster that improves immune health and mental clarity.  We recommend Avignon Executive Defense Infusion for busy people who continuously work or travel.

This is the perfect drip for those who are always on the go and who can’t afford to be sick. This also eliminated free radicals and manage stress brough about by your daily grind.

Weight Sculpt Drip 

Minimal movements at home and stress eating might add extra pounds to our bodies. Avignon Weight Sculpt Drip is a special cocktail that helps you lose weight and boosts metabolism. Best of all, we can come to you so you can enjoy this drip.

L-carnitine encourages the body to convert excess stored fat into energy, resulting in a slimmer physique. This drip will aid in reshaping the body and manage weight goals.

Shine Bright

Maintain health and well-being with Avignon Shine Bright Infusion. This makes the skin glow and while building up immunity, a perfect combination of High Dose Vitamin C and Glutathione.

Glutathione is a great antioxidant. It contains an essential nutrient that prevents damage to important cellular components in your body.  This is the secret to looking bright and fresh. It’s also a master detoxifier and helps support the immune system.

Myers Cocktail

Myers’ Cocktail is a formula of intravenous vitamins and minerals that was pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers, MD.

Combining Vitamin B12, High Dose Vitamin C and Magnesium, Myers Cocktail IV delivers a powerful nutrient load straight into your bloodstream, promoting health and wellbeing across your entire body.


  • Healthier Circulatory System
  • Improved Nerve Health
  • Greater Ability to Beat Cold and Flu
  • Disease Prevention
  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Improved Memory
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Improved Mental Well-being
  • Better Mood and Vitality
  • Supports Bone Health

Drips @ Home

For a group of 5 and up, we can come to you and set up an Infusion Party. Choose from any of our drips. Message us for more details.

Flu Vaccines

This vaccine helps to protect you against influenza or common flu. Flu is a disease that rapidly spreads and caused by different strains. As seasons change, you might need to be vaccinated once a year. Statistically, there is a greater chance of catching flu in the cold months.

Pneumonia Vaccines



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