Using a data-driven and modern approach to Wellness, we will be able to understand what our body tells us. By performing tests and checks, science backed data will inform us what exactly is going on inside our bodies. This information is so critical that it will allow us to respond accurately and timely.


Oligoscan Analysis

Oligoscan uses an innovative optical device that detects mineral imbalance in the tissues and traces toxic metals for a quick and precise clinical interpretation.

This quick test is done in the clinic and results can be released after a few minutes. Comprehensive analysis and recommendations are share within the same day.  In total, this will only take 30 minutes or less.

FIT- Food Intolerance Test

Stomach pain, gut issues and headaches can be caused by certain food included in your daily diet. For other cases, this can cause muscle pain and nausea. The Food Intolerance Test can help discover what causes the symptoms.

FIT uses 222 specific food extracts to identify the corresponding level of circulating IgG antibodies to detect possible food triggers to which the immune system is reacting.

Hair Elements Analysis

The hair and scalp are exposed to potentially toxic elements daily. Pollution and hair products are often the culprit of this toxic build up. The Hair Elements Analysis can confirm probable exposure to toxins and which toxins are those.

The specimen is just less than 1 gram of hair.


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